Private Housing

You are a future exchange student of the University of Evry-Val-d'Essonne? Check the university’s housing platform to find:

  • accommodation close to campus
  • roommates
  • temporary accommodation

Thousands of opportunities are available near the university, ranging from private owners, student residences, and real estate agencies.

To see the offers, go to:

  • On the home page, click on “Student Login”
  • Click on “Sign up”, then on “Sign up with your personal email.”
  • After creating your account, you can access the offers of the platform by tapping the following key: HOUSINGEVRY

Be aware that you will have to pay a housing deposit corresponding to one month of rent if the appartment is NOT furnished and two months if it IS furnished. 



Following the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, CROUS created LOKAVIZ, a housing platform for students in Ile-de-France region.

Student(s) looking for an accomodation and landlord(s) wishing to rent his/her property can refer to this tool at the following URL :


The association "Ensemble2générations" connects students (from 18 to 28) looking for accommodation and seniors with space available within their house.

The offer is divided into three options depending on the student's availability:

  • free accommodation in exchange of presence in the evening and at night (4 evenings + 2 free weekends/month)
  • low-cost accommodation with participation in charges in exchange for small services
  • solidarity rent housing in exchange for spontaneous services (eligible for APL)

Ile-de-France region network : Please contact us at


Offers to young people free rooms in exchange of attendance or rooms with financial participation in intramural Paris or the inner suburbs.

Website :